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Bringing it all together…

Putting together the digital marketing pieces together for a seamless experience can require the expertise & coordination of more than one person or agency. Having a Digital Marketing Consultant to pull the pieces together can be a lifesaver. 

Project management in the digital marketing space is important. You need your brand to stand out and to be consistent across all platforms and marketing elements, from your website to your social media, to your email marketing and direct mail pieces. 

Responsive Design


MOBILE FIRST:  The mobile-first design process starts from the smallest screens with the intention of creating the best possible experience for smartphone users. It’s all about keeping it simple, and minimal, choosing only the most important information and elements for your site visitors to see. With progressive enhancement we add more complexity add more capability by device size.

SEO:  Your site has to be designed and built with search engines in mind. Tools must be in place to monitor website visits and follow Google indexing requirements. Ongoing, every piece of information you add to your site should be optimized for the search engines.

SPEED: If your site is too slow on mobile devices or on the desktop, you’re going to lose visitors. Images must be sized properly and compressed with tools specifically designed to optimize them for your site. Unnecessary code that slows your site should be avoided where possible.

MAINTENANCE AND HOSTING: Sure you’ve got a site, but can you maintain it yourself? How is your website hosting working for you? Is it outdated or slow? Is tech support responsive?